May Lord Ganesh,, who carries on His shoulders the head of a beautiful elephant, who is the repository of wisdom and abode of blessed qualities, who is the leader of Lord Shiva's retinue and whose very thought ensures success, shower His divine grace.

Celebrate 14 Feb as Matri Pitri Pujan Diwas (Parent Worship Day)
I reverence the Goddess of Speech Saraswati & God Brahma, Goddess Parvati and Her Concert Lord Shankar, Goddess Lakshmi & Her concert Lord Vishnu and I bow on the lotus feet of my Guru, who is an ocean of mercy and in no way other than Lord Hari Himself in human form.
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New Additions: 1. Sri Durga Manas Puja (download .mp3 file)
                               2. Sri Ramcharitmanas - Awahan, Karanyas, Hridyadinyas & Dhyan - before starting of Path (Download .mp3 file)
Glory to Lord Ram!
Sri Ramcharitmanas is a great Hindu scripture and poetic classic written by Goswami Tulsidas. It elaborates the life and deeds of the Supreme Power - Lord Ram, the incarnation of Lord Vishnu. It is immortal poetic classic that is one of the best in the world literature. Mahatma Gandhi considered it as the best work on Devotion. It is universally accepted & respected by all classes from all parts of India. It is one of the best works to understand the way of life of people of Upper India.
The script used is Devanagari and the language used by Goswami Tulsidas is Awadhi - spoken in parts of eastern Uttar Pradesh along the river Saryu. This is language is very similar to Hindi and is easily understandable by the Hindi speaking masses of India.
Sri Ramcharitmanas bestows upon its readers the gifts of Devotion (bhakti), Divine Knowledge (Gyan) and Salvation (Mukti).
After millions of births in different living forms we get the life/birth as a human being by the divine grace of the Lord. The sole purpose of human life is to do the supreme work - attain bhakti, gyan and mukti (salvation) from the cycle of life and death. Apart from human birth, the living beings only spend lives in materialistic pleasures according to the deeds (karma). Only humans have been given the privilege and power of wisdom and deed by the Lord's grace.
Bade bhag manus tan pava, sur durlabh sab granthin gava - After great luck one gets the human body. All the scriptures sing that it is difficult even for Gods to get the human body.
The purpose of this website is to impart the knowledge given in Sri Ramcharitmanas and other Hindu scriptures for the benefit of mankind.
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This website has been divided into 4 major sections - Sri Ramcharitmanas, Devotion (Bhakti), Divine Knowledge (Gyan) and Salvation (Mukti). Interconnecting links are available on every page.

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